Holistic Multiparty Payment Digitization for All

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Holistic Multiparty Payment for Insurers and Lenders

Multiparty Payments Future is Here

Patent-based next-gen payment protocols & solutions

Why Use Us?

The Money Route (MRoute) patent-backed multiparty digital payment solutions and protocols are revolutionizing the industry. Our innovative, patented multiparty routing system is what sets us apart, and our protocols are quickly becoming the industry standard. MRoute is a multiparty payment technology company with holistic multiparty insurance claims disbursement solutions. We are multiparty payments. That’s what we do! That’s what we know!
Patented Industry Standard Payment Protocols
Revolutionary Multiparty API Payment System
Holistic Digital Disbursement for Insurance Claims
Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention
Increase Revenue, Offer Attractive New Services
Decrease Overhead Cost with Digital or e-Payments

Our Solutions and Protocols

Our solutions and protocols digitize the multi-payee paper check payment process, also known as multiparty checks, in its entirety, resulting in a robustly designed and engineered system. The MRoute system is packed with multiparty payment features to satisfy an insurance carrier’s payment obligation to its policyholder(s) and any entity with an insurable interest or a financial stake in the insurance claim.
Dynamic Payments


Who Uses Us?

MRoute’s payment protocols power insurance claims disbursements daily in the US and are used by corporate entities for multiparty payments to policyholders and any interested party to the claim. Our protocols have made it much easier for insurance carriers and lenders or their treasury departments or third-party service provider (TPSP) partners to process multiparty digital payments for insurance claims settlements.

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