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MRoute is an insurance, payment and financial technology (insurtech, paytech, and fintech) company dedicated to advancing and digitizing payments for consumers. We are headquartered in New York City, the financial capital of the world. We are members of the payment community and believe US payments should set the standard and lead, not follow, as was the case for a while.

We consider ourselves, in part, custodians of the payment marketplace and want to see it richly developed with new and exciting payment products. Thus, we built a multiparty system that expands the capabilities of single-payee networks and rails, such as the ACH, Real-Time Payments (RTP), Zelle, Debit Push, and others, to process transactions they otherwise could not. It is an innovative solution that makes payments better for the marketplace. In sum, we built a payment system for payment systems.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are on a mission to promote and encourage the adoption of digital or electronic fiat money payment alternatives. This objective, for us collectively, has been ongoing since our inclusion in multiple Federal Reserve initiatives with a mission to improve the US payment system by developing newer and better payment systems, protocols, rules, and payment methods. The process is ongoing, and we are doing our small part to improve the US payment system for Americans every day.

Our technology and protocols for multiparty payments have added value to the payment ecosystem by further eliminating paper processes through digitization. As a result, we have created a digital payment equivalent that is more efficient, faster, and easier to use for the payer and payees. It is a small but significant addition that improves payments for financial institutions, large corporations, small to mid-size businesses, and individual consumers who are currently issuing or depositing multi-payee paper checks.


Payment Solutions and Protocols

MRoute provides the financial sector with payment solutions that facilitate the disbursement of multiparty digital payments. Our technology introduces new and innovative multiparty payment protocols that provide digital payment alternatives to sending, receiving, processing, and handling multi-payee checks.

The MRoute payment system is holistic and addresses multiparty payment scenarios for many use cases and industries. We focus on addressing the insurance industry’s multiparty payment market, which is still heavily reliant on multi-payee paper checks for claim settlements.

The market is significant, and insurance carriers are some of the payment industry’s largest issuers of multiparty checks for business transactions. Our solution is a welcomed relief for insurers, policyholders, and others who need digital payments as a faster option.



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