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Insurance carriers

Several industry studies and surveys indicate that two-thirds of policyholders demand digital claims disbursements from their insurance carriers. MRoute has simplified and digitized the complicated multi-payee paper check process to just a few clicks.

Our solution enables insurers’ claim representatives and adjusters to easily make digital multiparty payments for home or automobile property damage claims. Transform and digitize your existing check-based disbursement process because there is plenty of literature on the costs and disadvantages of paper checks as compared to digital or e-payments.

Alternatively, upgrade your current multiparty solution and begin to handle additional payment use cases, thereby eliminating existing multiparty payment pain points that your current solution cannot address. Make holistic multiparty digital payments to policyholders, lenders, contractors, body shops, and any interested party or insurable interest rights holder in an insurance claim.


Multiparty digital payments are all about quick claims disbursements to policyholders, and insurance carriers are beginning to hear their policyholders’ demands.

MRoute’s multiparty payments ensure fast claim settlements to policyholders after suffering property damage. With simple API integration, some benefits include the following:

  • Quick multiparty claims disbursements
  • Insurer multiparty payment wizard
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer retention
  • Pay policyholders and lenders digitally
  • Settle insurable interest and interested party entities
  • Digital payment alternatives for costly multi-payee checks
  • Reduced overhead and increased profits

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