Dynamic Multiparty

Dynamic Multiparty Payments

A holistic claims payments system for multiparty insurance disbursements
What Are
Dynamic Multiparty Payments?

Our transformative Dynamic Multiparty Payments create a holistic multiparty digital payment system for all use cases in insurance claims disbursement. Dynamic Payments incorporate our Single and Multiple-Depositors solutions into the MRoute Multiparty Payment Routing System, which has revolutionary capabilities unseen in payment digitization. It is the creme de la creme of multiparty digitized payments.

With next-gen digital claim disbursement features for insurance carriers to route payments to multiple payees or parties, the system further facilitates payees taking various actions regarding the funds. The system also seamlessly helps insurers fulfill their payment obligations to their policyholders, while simultaneously satisfying the insurable interest rights of policyholders’ lenders or any interested party.

In addition, we never touch the funds —payment goes directly from payer to payees—eliminating the need for us to send or receive payment or PII data. This lean process eliminates prohibitive compliance hurdles while helping you leverage your current corporate payment systems from ACH, RTP, card payments, Zelle, and more.

Easy multiparty claims disbursements performed digitally via MRoute’s Multiparty Payment Routing System with Dynamic Payments and other features.

  • Holistic multiparty payments
  • Patented Multiparty Payment Routing System and protocols
  • Custom API integration and configuration
  • Insurer multiparty payment wizard
  • Insurable interest and interested party decisioning protocols
  • Payee payment rerouting and re-disbursement
  • All Single and Multiple-Depositors’ features
payment scenarios

How It Works

Insurance Carriers
Insurer carriers are the payers and always the initiators of multiparty claim payments. An insurer initiates a Dynamic Multiparty Payment transaction via MRoute’s API-based Multiparty Payment Routing System.
Lenders, as payees in insurance claims, have insurable interest rights that must be protected, as stipulated in each insurance policy. We have built these special lender rights into the MRoute system with diverse payment options for the payees.
The payees are the recipients of the multiparty claim disbursement, and an insurer’s responsibility ends after the payment is received. Payees include the policyholder(s), their lender, and any combination of the building contractor, the automobile body shop, or others.
Loan Servicers
Mortgage or automobile loan servicers and lienholders also have multiparty payment privileges due to their insurable interest rights as the direct lender or lender’s representative. A loan servicer assumes the full rights of the lender and can take action on a payment.

The MRoute Multiparty Payment Routing System is patented, with numerous options and functionalities for corporate entities making insurance claim disbursements to multiple parties. Our protocols digitize the multi-payee or two-party paper check process in its entirety, with holistic multiparty payments for enterprises that are the payer or payees in a transaction.

MRoute Corp. owns the exclusive rights to the multiparty or multi-payee protocols for digital payments.



The network system and protocols allow payers to make digital multiparty payments for various claim scenarios, beginning with the insurer initiating the payment and ending after the payees receive funds.
When a lender is a payee, the payment process continues with the policyholder and their lender. It ends after the lender disburses funds to the policyholder(s)and other interested parties

Common Multiparty

Claim Payment Scenarios

  • Insurer Policyholders
  • Insurer Policyholder(s) and Contractor
  • Insurer Policyholder(s) and Body Shop
  • Insurer Policyholder(s), Contractor/Body Shop, and other Interested Parties
  • Insurer Policyholder(s) and Mortgagee
  • Insurer Policyholder and Automobile Lienholders
  • Insurer Policyholder, Mortgagee/Lienholders and Contractor/Body Shop
  • Mortgagee Policyholder(s)
  • Automobile lienholders Policyholder(s)
  • Mortgagee Policyholder(s)/Mortgagor and Contractor
  • Auto lienholders Policyholder(s) and Body Shop
  • Insurer Policyholder(s) and Body Shop
  • Mortgagee Policyholder(s)/Mortgagor, Contractor and other Interested Parties
  • Auto lienholders Policyholder(s), Body Shop and other Interested Parties

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