Single Depositor

Single-Depositor Multiparty Payments

How It Works



Insurer initiates a multiparty claim payment


The payment is redirected to a single payee


A single payee deposits the payment


  • Multiparty digital payments processing
  • Disbursements initiated with just a few clicks
  • A single payee deposits payment
  • Amazingly, we never touch the funds
  • Built-in compliance wizard
  • Instant payments by an onsite adjuster
  • Easy API integration
  • Disbursements via ACH, Zelle, RTP, Debit Push, etc.
  • PII tokenization
  • Back-office multiparty payment processing

The Single-Depositor protocol for multiparty payments is patented and owned exclusively by MRoute Corp. It is a well-used protocol for insurance carriers attempting to process multiparty digital claim disbursements.

Our multiparty redirection payment protocol facilitates the settlement of funds from a payer to multiple payees or parties, with a single payee depositing the funds. The process begins when an insurance carrier initiates a claim payment and concludes after a single payee receives the funds.

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